Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Individual homeopathy is prepared after electro-puncture diagnostics using the method for vegetative-resonance test (VRT) "IMEDIS-TEST", segmental bioelectronic functional diagnosis and / or drug testing using an electronic selector, containing homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organic preparations, allergens with various potency level .

Drug testing using an electronic selector allows testing of selected units in any combination and potency level. Energy information transfer (recording) of the medicinal properties of selected preparations to various media is possible (water, alcohol, saline, etc.) for their further use.

The electronic selector contains 75,000 electronic equivalents of homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organic preparations, allergens and complexons, manufactured by world-renowned companies in the field of homeopathy.

By creating an individual homeopathic preparation, those products, which are tolerated by an organism, are combined, and this allows reduction of the possibility for origination of homeopathic healing crisis during therapy.