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Medical chronosemantics is a strand in medicine, which explores the possibilities of diagnostics and therapy through the use of special microacupuncture system of biologically active points, located on the chirographic lines of the person's palm.

This strand was founded by Yuri Gotovski and Karen Mhitaryan in 1996 and first described in the article "Engrams and their detection and decoding by means of bio-resonance and multi-resonance therapy", published in the reports of the 3rd International Conference on Bio-resonance and Multi-resonance Therapy, held in Moscow in 1997. At present chronosemantics is used by physicians, specialists in bio-resonance therapy and vegetative-resonance test for therapy of chronic and polynosological diseases.

Chronosemantics is the science of the inner time of man. This is a fundamentally new field in biology and medicine, studying the human body as a system, forming its inner, or otherwise chronosemantic time, from the external physical time. The overall picture of the development of pathological and reparative processes in the organism depends on the special features of the structure of the inner time. 

The chronosemantic matrix of the body is dynamic and may be observed through special representative systems. The main postulate, which chronosemantics is based on, is that the inner time in its structure is not a copy of the physical external time. It sooner resembles a sequence of events - traces from the past and what is more interesting - of the supposed future.

These traces from the past and future in the inner time of man are called engrams. There are certain systems of signs, which can be used to determine the structure of inner time of the particular person. In particular the so-called matnitic biologically active points are located on the chirographic lines of palms of men. The inner time of men cannot be described by specific figures, such as physical time. It could rather be said that its various moments are characterized by various combinations of its inherent semantics, significant to him.

This is why the inner time is called chronosemantic, and the development of man in it itself - chronosemantics. Inner past and future of man is not 100 percent preordained, it may be amended under certain influences.

The studies held show that the medical chronosemantics is an extremely efficient method for electropuncture diagnostics and bio-resonance therapy of the body as a whole and of chronic diseases in particular, especially of complex and diseases, unresponsive to other methods of treatment, such as bronchial asthma, infertility, autoimmune diseases, etc.