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Bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is a correction of the functions of the body by harmonic conversion of resonance electromagnetic oscillations, emitted by the body, in order to be synchronized.

The idea of ​​bio-resonance therapy is scientifically proven for the first time by F. Morel (1977) - this is a therapy with electromagnetic oscillations, which come into resonance with the structures of the body. Impact is possible both on cellular level and on the level of the organs, system or body, because various levels are characterized and managed by various frequency-wave parameters.

The rationale for application of bio-resonance in medicine is based on the fact that normal (physiological) oscillations in human organism can be amplified and pathological oscillations can be weakened at the right frequency and shape of  medical treatment (electromagnetic) impact. Thus bio-resonance impact may be targeted to both neutralization of the pathological oscillations and restoration of physiological ones, harmed during pathological conditions, i.e. clearing of the added noise in the information field of man, without which no disease can be cured.

Best results are produced by the type of bio-resonance therapy, with which the body is cleared of the electromagnetic radiation at a certain moment and then by subsequent transformation of the signal, after reaching physiological oscillations, this new signal is introduced in the body according to the principle of feedback.

Accordingly, there are currently two types of bio-resonance therapy - endogenous - this is the therapy with the body's own electromagnetic oscillations after their special treatment and exogenous (induction) - it uses external signals, with which individual organs and systems of the body come in resonance.

Achieving synchronization in oscillation processes of the body is necessary and indispensable to restore optimal energy information process, without which balanced homeostasis is impossible.

In other words, the more consistent metabolic processes in the body are, the healthier and more sustainable and adaptable to external influences this body is.

BRT method has no contraindications, has a high efficiency in the treatment of diseases (efficiency up to 80-95%), is applicable to all age groups and  compatible with other types of treatments.