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In the first half of 20 C the English physician Edward Bach (1886-1936) created a unique in its simplicity, intelligibility, accessibility and performance treatment system, based on 38 essences from flowers of plants...

Bach's treatment system is not focused on physical symptoms but on the mental and emotional condition of man, underlying them and reflecting them on a higher energy level.

This therapy consists of the use of 38 flower (made from flowers of plants) essences and an additional, universal one, created by Edward Bach himself, combination of five of them, etc., a Rescue Remedy, intended for acute problematic (dissonant) conditions. The effect of essences is on fine energy level, they are harmless and can be taken separately if necessary or in combination with up to 6 or 7 of them, as well as, if necessary, in parallel with other therapeutic means.

In many countries (including the UK, Austria, Germany) Dr. Bach's flower essences are available in pharmacies. Bach splits flavours into seven groups - for fear, for insecurity, for insufficient interest in the present, for loneliness, for excessive sensitivity to influences and ideas, for depression and despair, for excessive concern for the good of others.

If  flavours are selected correctly the first positive results in some patients are felt yet in the first week of the therapy, while with others this takes place a bit later. To achieve satisfactory and lasting results, especially with patients with severe chronic problems, it is often need 2 or 3 courses of treatment with Bach's flowers to be held successively (one course usually lasts 15-20 days), each course usually being carried out with a different combination.

In 1983 the World Health Organization approved the application of various types of alternative treatments, Bach's therapy being among them. WHO recognizes that Bach's flowers have a positive effect on the human psyche and strengthen the immune system.

Bach's treatment is used worldwide because it is easily available, cheap and has no contraindications or side effects. Moreover, it does not preclude taking other medicines.
But what exactly is Bach's therapy? When people hear about the flowers, they picture either scents or flowers, watching them. It is nothing like this. Treatment is performed with a specified number - 38 essences, which aim at treating certain emotional conditions.

Bach's therapy is aimed at the person in its entirety, physical problems being related to his soul. The selection of treating flower essences is based on the individual way, in which everyone reacts to situations in life. The ultimate goal is to heal us not only by eliminating the symptoms but by making us happier and more balanced people. This is a unique system, characterized by its harmlessness and wide applicability not only with various states of the disease, but also in everyday situations.

Essences are effective with a wide range of medical problems and for coping with various situations in life as well - starting a new job, moving to another city, loss of a loved one, separation, exams, excessive stress, overwork. They are suitable for pregnancy, childbirth, babies and children - they eliminate negative tendencies in their character.

With Bach's drops you can heal emotional conditions you do not know where they came from. Testing is done by VRT test and is prepared against the indicators individual homeopathic equivalent of medicines, positivated during the test.