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Adaptometrics is designed to obtain data on the energy information matrix of man, with graphic visualization of the obtained information (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) and monitoring of the activities of energy centres of  human body.

It is the perfect way for making a fast pre-clinical screening and monitoring of the patient's condition; it also allows a graphical model of man's biofield to be created on the basis of electroacupuncture measurements.

Adaptometrics is a computer 3D model of the energy information field of man, allowing for the condition of the aura and the power of tested patient's biofield to be imaged.

The decoding of the indicators of the energy information matrix allows:

• The primary cause of the patient's problems in a health aspect, in personal life, on the workplace and other areas of man's activity in life to be determined

• The problem areas in the body, existing currently or potentially possible for a relatively long period before the appearance of clinical symptoms, to be determined

• The distortions in the information field of the patient, whose persistence will result in physical illness of the corresponding organs, to be determined, which allows the overall strength and stability of the energy information matrix of man, as well as the extent of external impacts, to be determined

• To monitor health condition

• The cause of depression, loneliness, recurring life situations, etc. to be determined (together with psychoanalysis)

• To explore the psycho-energetic processes in the chakras

• To assess the psychological characteristics of the individual

• To determine the level of stress and anxiety

• To select the optimal methods for correction of health of each patient

Adaptometrics a method, which allows future illnesses to be determined before the first clinical symptoms have appeared.  

The energy information adaptometics method is patented methodology unmatched worldwide. This is an accurate and objective system for fast assessment of the energy matrix condition of man and his degree of adaptability to the surrounding social environment.

Aura of a harmonious person.




Diagram of the main types of disturbances of the integrity of the energy field of man




1. damnation: an active, targeted "programme", destroying the biofield.

2. break in the energy field (imprecation) 

3. outflow of energy 

4. block in the energy field - blocking of chakra

5. energy field: this energy and information biofield of man, which correlates with his health condition, is psycho-emotional condition.