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RF (Radio Frequency or Radio frequency facelift) is a high-frequency radio wave. When such RF waves penetrate the skin warming of collagen fibers in skin tissue is provoked from 45°C to 65°C. Collagen fibers activate and their rearrangement begins only at that temperature. Collagen fibers react instantly as the loose skin of the wrinkles is stretched through the activation of the dermal collagen and gradually causes cellular rejuvenation, compaction and reduction of wrinkles. RF energy penetrates deeply into the skin, heats the tissues and stimulates the areas with fibers. Water molecules in the dermis start rubbing against each other, producing a lot of heat that way, collagen fibers shrink and cause regeneration of new ones. The skin smooths out and tightens, restores its elasticity and becomes visibly younger. Blood circulation and oxygen saturation of tissues strengthen and release of toxins and CO2 is accelerated. Radio frequency waves have impact not only on the skin, but also on subcutaneous adipose tissue, so RF has a broad application on the face and neck for removal of wrinkles and tightening, as well as on other parts of the body with the aim of reducing weight and smoothing and removal of orange skin and recovering of the body after birth (contraction of the area of the abdomen).

The procedure is completely painless, there is no recovery period after it. 4 to 6 treatments are needed, one every 7 days. After completion of the therapy the processes inside the skin continue to take effect – recovering of collagen lasts from 2 to 6 months.




  •          Allergies to the sun 
  •          Pregnancy 
  •          Breastfeeding 
  •          Menstruation cycle 
  •          Polycystic ovaries 
  •          Diabetes 
  •          Heart problems 
  •          Hypertension 
  •          Epilepsy 
  •          Skin cancer 
  •          Cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator 
  •          Impairments of the treated area /burns, presence of open or not healed wounds/

It is recommended that sunblock is used after the procedure, as well as not to visit too warm places such as saunas and SPA 24 hours before and after the procedure.