Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


We offer you treatment with the latest model of PHOTOTERAPEUTIC CAPSULE ELS-19 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BULGARIA

Modern colour light technology combines four colour light waves with far infrared rays and the combination between the two has a perfect impact on your body’s condition. Light-emitting diodes are a NASA technology. They allow efficient deep penetration of intensive pulse light with specific length of the waves in soft tissues, which starts their photobiological treatment effects. They activate cells, dilate blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate the release of toxins, improve alkaline-acid balance, relieve pain and strengthen immunity.

After circulation is improved, the removal of waste of metabolism proceeds faster, easing liver and kidneys.  Excretion of heavy metals from the body accelerates, the levels of milk and uric acids lower.  With blood circulation and capillary dilatation optimized, nutrients are taken in by all parts of body more fully, therefore metabolism improves, cells regenerate, heart is relieved and the skin becomes beautiful and silky smooth.

An additional positive effect of the far infrared rays is that they improve the alkaline-acid balance of the body, ease the pain and have a deep warming effect on the body, which improves the absorption of many nutrients and improves cell activity.

Energy colour light effect:

As it is known, coloured light is useful to our bodily and mental health. The filtered coloured light wave penetrates the derma through the cuticle and has a photochemical effect on the tissue and skin by increasing collagen protein and stimulating cellular regeneration, restoring elasticity of facial and body skin and improving tone.


Effects of red light

Effect: stimulating and warming, activates cells, improves heart rhythm, brain activity and breathing.

Physiotherapeutic functions: it is used for removal of wrinkles, spots and acne, stimulation of blood circulation and metabolism, revitalization of skin tissue.

Effects of yellow light

Effect: stimulates nerves, regulates arterial pressure, accelerates pulse, strengthens immunity and improves digestion.

Physiotherapeutic functions: improves oxygen absorption, stimulates blood circulation, revitalizes skin and activates digestion.


Effects of blue light

Effect: tones the body, causes a feeling of freshness and liveliness, reduces nervous pressure, regulates blood pressure, improves concentration.

Physiotherapeutic functions: revitalizes and tightens skin, improves sharply the condition of loose skin.


Effects of green light

Effect: This natural colour provides comfort and peace, has therapeutic effect on anxiety and depression.
Physiotherapeutic functions: improves the function of the nervous system, improves the function of the thyroid gland, removes spots, acne, pustules and has a tightening effect on the skin.

Do not use this device in the following cases:

  •     Infectious disease, high arterial pressure, tumours, cardiac diseases, recent plastic surgery, pregnancy, haemorrhage, haemophilia, fracture, menstruation, psychic diseases, dilated veins, kidney stones, chronic alcohol abuse.
  •     People with chronic diseases should consult a doctor before use.
  •     Use by children under 12 years of age is prohibited.