Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo

Partial massage

Reduces muscle fatigue and restores their tone. It is performed in the areas, mostly susceptible to stress.

30 minutes

Therapeutic massage

It is used in parts of the body with various pains and problems, which are treated with special oil, suitable massage techniques and/or equipment.

35 minutes

55 minutes

Relaxing Massage

Gentle, relaxing massage with anti - stress effect, which regulates the flow of energy in the body and takes away the tension in the muscles and senses.

45 minutes

Eco Spa massage with herbal oil

A combination of 100% natural oils - shea, jojoba, almond and olive oil, concrete from Bulgarian uncultivated marigold. Herbs have a relaxing and calming effect, they assist regenerating processes and have a beneficial impact on health and mood.

60 minutes

Anti - cellulite massage

Restores normal blood and lymph circulation. Eases removal of waste products, accumulated in adipose cells.

Minimum 5 sessions are recommended for more effective results!!!

45 minutes

Anti - cellulite massage with radio-frequency apparatus and/or vacuum massage

Forms the contour of the body and reduces its volume by activating tissues and stimulating microcirculation, which practically creates lymph drainage for elimination of retained liquids. The vacuum massage reduces girth considerably, increases blood microcirculation and accelerates the production of enzymes, involved in metabolism. The procedure is suitable for the treatment of cellulite at all stages and stubborn localized fat deposits.

45 minutes

Anti - cellulite therapy

(a combination of manual anti-cellulite, slimming massage and vacuum massage)

An active massage product with anti-cellulite, slimming, lipolytic and self-heating effect is used.

The self-heating effect is activated by manual massage by affecting tissue in depth and developing over time, together with the active ingredients Adiposlim + Adipoles and caffeine extracts, seeds of chillies and herbs. Vacuum massage additionally accelerates the process, subjecting the skin to a form of energy gymnastics. It destroys the accumulated excess adipose tissue, improves blood circulation and metabolism.

60 minutes

If you purchase a package of:

5 sessions - 10% discount

10 sessions - 15% discount


You can buy a gift - "A massage voucher"