Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Of plant origin:

Belladonna, Arnica Montana (for trauma, surgery wounds, birth trauma)

Of animal origin:

- From whole living animals:

Apis Mellifica - honeybee (effective for biting by bees in 15CH).

- From parts of animals:

Lachesis Mutus – mute rattlesnake (snake venom, effective for disturbances in menopause).

Of mineral origin:

Calcarea Carbonica - nacre of the mussel shell.

Natrium Muriaticum - sea salt.

Mercurius Solubilis - mercury.


I. Mono preparations (the medicine is made from the same source)

 - Granullae (fl-4 g). Contains 80 granules in CH dilution. They are small spheres. 2 ÷ 5 granules are taken in per intake. With the aim of saving it has been established from experiments that less can be taken per intake (3-4 granules). Belladonna - gr (under the tongue)

 - Globullae (fl). Contains about 200 globules in CH dilution. They are small spheres - 10 times lighter than the granules. The whole vial is taken per intake. Less can be taken per intake (1/2, for children even 1/3 vial). Oscillococcinum - glob (1 fl weekly during flu seasons - under the tongue)

 - Guttae (fl 15 ÷ 30 ml). Contains solution in DH dilution. They are taken undiluted or diluted in neutral water. The average dose is 20 drops 1 ÷ 3 times a day.

II. Preparations in complex content (combinations of several homeopathic drugs with similar clinical indications)

 - Specialties - a combination of several homeopathic drugs, combined in 1 tab. They are intended for the symptomatic treatment of some syndromes or diseases, running stereotypically enough. Paragrip - tab (under the tongue)

 - Other, combined - a tube of cream. Rudistrol - crème (for rheumatism).