Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Homeopathic drugs are sensitive to some volatile, aromatic substances such as ether, camphor, peppermint, perfumes. Glob. and Gran. could be damaged when near these substances. Therefore you should not brush your teeth and should not consume aromatic substances before the use of homeopathic drugs.

- Homeopathic medicines should not be stored near volatile, aromatic substances and near radiophones, gsms and TV sets.

- Consuming food when taking homeopathic drugs is not compulsory. In consideration of the above condition homeopathic drugs need to be taken within 30 minutes before or after eating.

- Do not drink coffee during treatment with a homeopathic drug. This is also in consideration of the first condition because of the fact that coffee mobilizes body's energy reserves, which will be needed for directing drugs towards the disease process. When taking homeopathic drugs, energy is taken in, driving the healing process, while intake of coffee makes use of energy taken in inefficient.

Homeopathic medicines are sensitive to temperature impacts. Excessive heat may alter their therapeutic effect. They should be kept in a place with suitable temperature conditions, but not in the refrigerator.

Taking a homeopathic medicine DOES NOT preclude treatment with allopathic medicines, because the mechanism of taking effect is different.