Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo

Nutrition is a basic biological need of the human organism, the correctness of which determines viability, working ability and stability of the organism to adverse effects of the outside environment.

According to the theory of balanced nutrition not only adequate quantitative ratio but qualitative composition of consumed products is also important. Research has shown that with properly organized nutrition many of the physiological processes of the organism, including metabolism, hormone background and reactivity of the organism may be changed.

So far the safest research for tolerance to the different types of food has been conducted using the method of blood tests.

You can now find out which foods are healthy for your organism in Vitamed Plus. Well-trained specialists make a special vegetative-resonance test for tolerance to foodstuffs there, they examine which foods give you 100% energy and which are hard to digest for your organism. Afterwards you are compiled the correct diet with the vegetative-resonance test.

The bioenergy test gives an assessment of 240 foods and drinks and takes about one hour, taking into account the current condition of the organism, which can change after one or several months.

The technology of computer analysis is based on the principles of electroacupuncture and reports your tolerance to 18 types of animal proteins, the greater part of used preservatives, additives and sweeteners, 9 cereals, 15 spices, 19 dairy products, 23 fresh fruit, 6 kinds of dry fruit, 15 kinds of nuts, 18 kinds of fish, 6 kinds of pulses and 26 kinds of fresh vegetables.

The most frequently consumed drinks - tea, coffee, hot chocolate, coca-cola, chocolate drink, beer, ethyl alcohol, wine are tested precisely.

After the detailed test has been made, the correct diet is compiled, which is strictly individual.

The effect of the diet depends on the health condition and the objectives we set to ourselves with it - whether to reduce overweight or to subject the development of a part of the complications in chronic diseases to prophylaxis.