Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo

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The vegetative - resonance test (VRT) was developed in Germany by Dr. H. Schimmel (1978).

Later, the method was further developed and fine-tuned by the Center for intellectual medicinal systems "IMEDIS" - Russia and is used in this form by medical professionals worldwide.

The method VRT, by way of Imedis - Expert equipment, is an extremely effective method of diagnosis, which allows:

  •  to identify organs with functional disorders
  •  to determine the effectiveness and tolerability of medicines
  •  to determine the indications for application of nosodotherapy and to find the key nosode
  •  to determine the body's allergic predisposition
  •  to identify geopathogenic, radioactive and electromagnetic loading
  •  to identify violations in the acid-alkaline balance in the tissues
  •  to determine the presence of benign and malignant tumours;
  •  to establish cystic protsesses
  •  to determine the biological age index of various organs and;
  •  to identify adaptation reserves of the body, optimal for the current moment, and the maximum possible reserves for the person;
  •  to determine the degree of stress or exhaustion of the immune and endocrine systems
  •  the presence of narcotic or toxic substances in the body
  •  mental status, etc.

The use of introduced integrative health indicators of the body allows optimization of the diagnostic process and to imitatively, by using virtual models, evaluate the performance of various types and versions of therapy yet at the time of testing.