Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Physiological tests are carried out in at least two fundamentally different ways. All methods used in Vitamed Plus Medical Centre - town of Gabrovo - of physiological tests are completely harmless, without ionizing radiation with certified equipment. Diagnostics is based on the own wave pulses of the human body, it may be applied to patients of all ages, as well as to pregnant women and small children. It allows detecting changes in the body up to 6 months before the appearance of the disease - i.e. complete, accurate and timely diagnostics. When tests are conducted using several methods, accuracy increases substantially and the probability of making an error is reduced to the minimum. The duration of the examination of one person is about 4.5 hours. After completing the examination on all diagnostic devices processing of the results is performed and a comprehensive analysis of the health condition of the body is made.

The devices we conduct physiological examinations with are the following:

- System for diagnostics and medicinal testing "IMEDIS-EXPERT";

- Hardware-software complex "Metatron";

- Quantum analyst