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Energy-informational medicine is based on the idea of ​​the integrity of the body, i.e. it is necessary to be considered when diagnosing and treating relationships between organs and systems.

The processes of energy-informational exchange are the basis for the proper functioning of the body. The body is a complex self-regulating system, having everything necessary to maintain its homeostasis.

The essence of energy-informational medicine consists in the activation of natural mechanisms, restoring and maintaining health.

The electro-acupuncture diagnostics according to the method of R. Voll (EADV) is one of the most widespread methods of electro-puncture diagnostics.

The method of R. Voll is a diagnostic method, based on the correlation between the changes of electro-conductive properties of the points of measurement according to R. Voll and the functional condition of their corresponding organs and systems of the body.

The beginning of the method dates back from 1953 when R. Voll, together with the engineer F. Verner, started developing new methods for electro-acupuncture diagnosis and therapy. After more than 40 years of clinical trials R. Voll and his followers formulated the following features of the method they have developed:

Thanks to the finding of informational and functional interrelationships between the biologically active points (BAP), biologically active areas (BAA) of the skin and the internal organs and tissue systems, it is possible to determine the condition of the latter and to hold functional and topical diagnostics; by using EADV unclear, complicated clinical cases can be solved by conducting additional differential diagnostics; EADV allows for early diagnostics of various prepathological damages in interconnected with BAP organs and tissue systems of the preclinical stage of development of diseases, when their symptoms are either too poorly expressed or totally missing; EADV allows for discovering hidden or latent outbreaks of infection and determining their impact on immune reactivity of the body; thanks to the phenomenon "testing of medicines", discovered by R. Voll in 1954, it became possible to determine the ethiological factor of a certain disease by testing various viral, bacterial and other infectious agents; EADV allows making an individual choice of homeopathic and allopathic medicines, without the medicines having to be introduced to the body, as well as to test food products, cosmetics, dental materials, etc.; EADF also allows the degree of negative impact on the individual person of various pathological agents, pesticides, herbicides, radionuclides, etc. to be determined, which cannot yet be objectified by the current clinical laboratory methods of testing; EADF allows the efficiency of each treatment method to be determined, as well as to determine the adequacy of its application in the specific case.