Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Dear Friends, you are all amazing!
I am very, very grateful for the miracles that you create. I thank you with all my heart, with all my appreciation for the attention, for the great professionalism, for your innovative and comprehensive approach to our health.
I am impressed by the depth of examination and attention to the smallest detail and at the same time by the complex approach of treatment.
You gave me not only assurance of full absence of the disease but also self-confidence, excellent vitality, cheerful mood. Thank you all and let God watch over you!

December 2008. P.N.
My name is E.M. and exactly one year ago I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I do not want to describe the hell I passed through, the number of doctors’ office I visited, the whole nightmare of chemotherapy.
I just thought that life was over for me. That is when fate intervened and I learnt about the new research and opportunities.
I do not have words to express my deep gratitude to all of you. For your sincere concern, for your understanding, for your constant explanations - what will happen, how it will happen, which, I can admit, was strange at the beginning for me. Obviously and unfortunately, we are unused to such attitude to patients in Bulgaria. For that reason your clinic seemed like an oasis to me.

One year later all examinations /I do them in Sofia/ showed that my illness is so far removed.

Once again I want to express my sincere thanks to you as professionals and as friends!
God bless you!

My child is now 5 and a half years old. The problem is that when he turned 3 years I realized that there was a problem not only with his speech but also with his development. He was unable to speak, he is also a hyperactive child, and generally he was developing very slowly.
On the advice of the speech therapist with whom we work were recommended to visit Dr. Vasilkovska. Another child was successfully treated before our child.
Our treatment has been 4 months for far yet I already see results particularly in his speech – he starts saying words that he did not before. He started getting relatively more concentrated.
We’re still at the beginning of the treatment and I hope to have a better effect in the future.
Thanks for the care so far!
My name is R.M. and I want to express my sincere thanks to the entire staff of clinic “Vitamed plus” in Gabrovo. I would like to thank personally to the nurses for their human and professional attitude to me as a patient and especially to the chief doctor Olesya Vasilkovska. With her encyclopedic medical knowledge she helped me and my family make our very sick physiological organs and our mental world healthier.
My liver had very bad test results ASAT - 45-80 and ALAT 45-85 for 4 years, it hurt, especially after meals. Over the last 6 months the triglycerides increased from 9 to 20, which is a very serious and disturbing condition of the blood. I was unable to improve the condition in any way. When taking medicines for bringing down the amount triglycerides they increased.

When I learned about clinic "Vitamed plus" in Gabrovo and I visited it. After I was examined by Dr. Vasilkovska she gave me homeopathic pills which I took for 15-20 days at home, and my triglycerides dropped from 20 to 16, ASAT and ALAT decreased respectively from 45 to 20 and from 75 to 26, which is within the normal range. These indicators had been high for 4 years and had not decreased to that normal range.

After outpatient treatment for 18 days under the conditions provided by clinic “Vitamed plus” in Gabrovo my triglycerides dropped to the level 6.4 with a tendency to decrease. Almost all other parameters are within the normal range. I feel great.
Thank you!
I came when I did not have an alternative. When I am writing it is still hard for me to say that I believe completely in the methods used. It is true however that the team of the clinic slowly converted me from a disbeliever into man of a believer. In the alternative.
Thanks for this!
With greatest gratitude to Dr. Vasilkovska and the whole team of “Vitamed plus”!
The treatment and the methods applied in the clinic will, in my opinion and in my family’s opinion, be the future of medicine. The obtained results are always real and very precise.

I have been treating my sons particularly a child aged 5 who speaks in an unclear, almost incomprehensible way. For a period of nine months he has made significant progress, his brain activity evolved and there were other positive symptoms in the child.

In a few words the methodology applied here works very well and I fully trust it!

Thank you!
19.06.2009 Y.D.
My name is M.Ts. and have been visiting "Vitamed plus” for one year. I am very impressed by Dr. Olesya Vasilkovska. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and other non-traditional techniques combined with diagnostic equipment perform miracles. Dr. Vasilkovska helped me get rid of some chronic diseases that have had for years. I am now healthy and very happy.
It may sound incredible, but the MRI showed that I had a torn meniscus in my right knee and they recommended surgery. Dr. Vasilkovska solved this problem with homeopathy for 1 month and I now feel healthy and run at the stadium in the morning.

For every health problem I seek the help of Dr. Vasilkovska. I was very difficult when my granddaughter aged 1 year and 6 months had pneumonia. She was about to be admitted to hospital and to have injections, and we all know what follows next. Dr. Vasilkovska solved the problem again with just a few visits and homeopathy. It was even more frightening was when she was incompletely healed and they administered her a vaccine – her feet were paralyzed and she was unable to walk. I thank God and Dr. Vasilkovska - now everything is fine. I do not even want to think what could have happened.
I visit Vitamed plus with pleasure. The entire staff is very good. The service is outstanding and I feel like a “white man”. The attitude to patients is personalized and very careful. You enter a different world where a person is significant.

I thank Dr. Vasilkovska! Without her our life would not be the same, although she is younger than me, she taught me a lot about my life and health.
I wish her life and health to realize the enormous potential that she has.
Success to “Vitamed plus!”
My name is Pl.M. known and I learned about this clinic from a friend. When I visited it I was surprised by some positive effects that happened to me.

In July I was on a course to cleanse my liver. Before I went to the clinic my cholesterol was about 10. When my cholesterol was measured again after the procedures it was already 4.

Due to the nature of my illness - diabetes – the metabolism of my body was disrupted. After the homeopathic medication in the clinic my condition had completely changed a few months later. I do not feel so tired, nervous and I began restoring my weight.

All this is due to the efforts and attention provided by the team of “Vitamed plus”
In life there are no accidental encounters, so my meeting with Dr. Krastev and the staff of "Vitamed Plus" was part of our shared path.
Personally I do not feel either overwhelmed or surprised, but very pleased because these professionals and this center are here now!
I am sure that they will develop and prosper!
I assume my part of the road and I will be talking about them and will refer people to them for help ... I those who can see will know!

With gratitude: M.S.
Amazement, delight, blessing!
I am so very glad that today my idea and dream of medicine came true here at this unique center!
Thanks and good luck!
Good luck to those working here and to the benefactor!
Success and healing for every one who entered center!
Let me express my great admiration and gratitude to the creators of this wonderful equipment!
Good luck dear people from the clinic of “Vitamed plus”!
You are truly the medicine of the future!
I bow to you!
07.04.2010 K.N.
Since January 2009, after hospital treatment for inflammation of the prostate gland and a small surgical procedure to restore the flow of urine, a problem was unlocked - spontaneous release of urine. This problem has accompanied my life for 2 years. I underwent a second operation in early 2010 but that did not help.
By a happy coincidence I met with nurse working at the hospital who told me that the city has a private medical center, which offers alternative methods.
I visited this center, shared my problem with Dr. Krastev – medical manager of the center who practices neural therapy. And he was right, because after six neural therapies combined with 10 massage procedures with cupping and peat therapy (thermotherapy) I am a different person. I urinate normally while the pain in the waist and the back disappeared.
I say this without exaggeration because it would not have happened unless the whole staff - doctors and nurses - welcomed me with a smile and understanding every time.

Wonderful people, wonderful staff.

Thank you!

07.12.2010 T.D.
I have been  suffering from cancer of the throat for 1 year.
Knowing that it is an incurable disease, I tried everything. My unexpected salvation came from clinic "Vitamed plus."
After a few months of using the products and passing a course to cleanse my liver this problem was cured, my voice was recovered together with my confidence and desire to live.
I express my sincere thanks to the whole team of clinic “Vitamed plus” and especially to Dr. Krastev.

Be healthy and happy!

17.12.2010 M.B.

With great thanks!
Let the word gratitude be long and rich so as to be felt!
I came to the medical center with impaired performance of the liver. I got toxic hepatitis. 150 liver cells were dying and only one was being born. Things were very serious - I had severe pain in the waist, the arm and the shoulder.
Thanks to Dr. Krastev, Associate Professor Atanasova, Dr. Vasilkovska and the whole team of the medical centre I feel in good health and my liver indicators are normal.

Thank you for being there!

06.01.2011 Z.H.
Dear Dr. Krastev,
I have been suffering from incontinence for more than 10 years. In May 2010 I heard on the national television BNG a speech by Dr. Valentin Ivanov that this disease can be cured. I said to myself “This will be the doctor who will cure me”. In the same month I went to the 1st Gynecological Hospital “St. Sofia” to Dr. Ivanov - surgeon.
They operated on me carefully with general anesthesia. I was discharged after 5 days. I underwent control checkup after 1 month. I had no pain, but I had incontinence every 3 hours. I was convinced that I would live like that forever. Though painful I accepted it.

My niece was treated by Dr. Krastev for lumbago.

I asked her to inquire about my case, whether he could treat me. The response was positive.

After the treatment I felt 100% normal as before the disease.

I am happy and I do not have the words to express my feelings of satisfaction.

With infinite gratitude and respect.   S.I.K.

I’m not sure that my words I can express my gratitude and admiration of the entire team of Dr. Krastev. The specific problem that we sought help for was protrusion of lumbar vertebra was solved. My mother has had excruciating pain for 6 months with ever decreasing function of the locomotory system and visits to all possible specialists. After the first procedure /neural therapy/ she was relieved.

Today is the fourth day and she can walk without any effort, the pain has almost completely faded, and she feels a normal person again.

However the uniqueness of this treatment is not only in the positive result. Dr. Krastev and all nurses who took care of us created an atmosphere of positivity, sincerity and humanity, which, unfortunately, is disappearing in today’s world. They cure not only the body but the soul, which is a guarantee for a complete treatment.

I am also impressed by the comprehensive knowledge of Dr. Krastev and the sincere sympathy in his approach each patient.

I pray that this wonderful center continues to develop and revive the hope of all those who are about to lose it.

Thank you!     A.S.

My name is N. Mincheva
I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Vasilkovska and clinic “Vitamed plus” for the attention and the adequate treatment.
I have been suffering from food allergies, dust, chemicals for 5 years suffer, I have been feeling very bad and I did not believe I would ever lead a normal life. In less than two months of treatment I cannot describe the joy and excitement when I saw the results.

I feel good, I can eat normally and I returned tomy normal life.

Thank you very much Dr. Vasilkovska, be safe and sound!

With the most sincere thanks to our bright spot Dr. Vasilkovska!

5 years ago the doctors found that my husband has a problem with the fertility of his sperm. We went to renowned doctors in the district, to five star clinics, we did dozens of spermograms, appointments, painful procedures, numerous medications /Bulgarian and foreign ones/, we spent time, money, nerves.

After two inseminations and two in vitro procedures in the clinic of Dr. Vladimirov in Sofia, he told us that things could not happen without a donor.

It was a moment that I never want to experience again and I do not wish such experience to anyone.

After we went through hell we saw a ray of light, that was Dr. Vasilkovska! A month after our meeting with this wonderful person and professional I was pregnant, quite normally, without the cruel and burdening in vitro stimulation, without a donor and without pressure. My husband’s spermogram had nothing to do with the dozens of spermograms so far.
    Dr. Vasilkovska gave us a new life, not just to me and my husband, but to all those around us who lived and suffered with our problem.
Be happy and continue to give happiness to people!
20.02.2012      P.M.    D.T.
With immense gratitude to Vasilkovska and the entire team of clinic “Vitamed plus”.

My name is Z.N. from Pleven. Our problem was that I could not get pregnant for 9 years. We did all types of examinations, 3 inseminations and still no success.

We decided to be treated by Dr. Vasilkovska and within a very short period of 7 months there was a miracle. We are very happy, we are pleased, we still cannot believe what happened. I can say only one sentence “They do miracles here”.

With the most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Vasilkovska and the entire team at the clinic because they made us really happy.

We wish you to be happy and to make happy other families like us.

With gratitude:           Z.N.    D.P.

 I would like to find the very best words to express my gratitude to Dr. Krastev, and to the chance to meet him and his team:

$1·         For saving me from surgery of the spine

$1·         For his patience

$1·          For his humanity

$1·         For his generosity

$1·         For being convincing and for the explanations in my case

I agreed to under the treatment proposed by him and I do not regret it. Now I am free to move, to do my daily tasks, to feel useful to myself and to my family.

A huge thank you, Doctor – I thank you and your team and I wish you health and family happiness!!

12.11.2012 Nadka Todorova
With immense gratitude and best wishes to Dr. Vasilkovska, Dr. Krastev and the team of “Vitamed plus” to develop further their gifts given by God and to help people!

I will describe our case: After viral infection in October 2011 our son Konstantin Kukov started raising his temperature to 40oC without any consistency, every day, every other day or every few days. We did all possible tests. They were very good and the child was supposed to be perfectly healthy but his temperature was still running high, he was generally weak, with poor eyesight, he stopped going to school. Thus we came to clinic “Vitamed plus”.

We thank God and the doctors through whom our son was cured!

28.11.2012      Priest YoanKukov

 Gabrovo         Presbyter Ruzha Donovska


With great gratitude to clinic "Vitamed plus" where specialists and very good people work. I want to thank from my heart to Dr. OgnyanKrastev, who raised me to my feet. I am fascinated by the nurses who work so well and I am grateful to them.

29.11.2012      With gratitude Elena Koleva


I have no words to express my gratitude for all that Dr. Vasilkovska made to restore my health. She supported me in very difficult times, she cured not only the body but also my soul, thus recovering my health as a whole. When all other doctors gave up my case, she did not give up on me. I wish her good health and success in the new clinic “Vitamed plus”, which fascinates with equipment and environment, but also with the staff’s attitude to patients - one feels comfortable, at home, in one’s own family, surrounded by attention and care and especially by friends. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again! JJJJJJJ

Diana Hristova


Incredible center! Gorgeous environment! Outstanding professionalism! Space-like equipment! Thanks to all the staff! Thank you for being there!



My heartfelt thanks! I can not find the words to express my gratitude to Dr. Krastev and Dr. Vasilkovska. The attention, the sympathy, the warmth and the patience are infinite - something we can hardly find today, especially in the Bulgarian reality. The entire team of the center is positively disposed towards the patients and is always there to help. The treatment is always adequate and effective. I am grateful to all of them for the care and the good attitude both to me and to my family and especially to my little grandchildren for whom Dr. Vasilkovska always finds the time. Whenever I get a chance, I will come to you, because here is the place where miracles happen. With all due respect - Emilia Borisova



Sincere thanks to Dr. Vasilkovskaya - I have known her for a long time and whenever necessary she has helped me. Thanks to her several years ago I overcame severe staphylococci infection. My children – my son is 9 and my daughter is 4 - grow healthy and cheerful as I can always rely on the Dr. Vasilkovska’s help if they are ill. THANKS again and I wish you even greater success at Clinic “Vitamed plus” which you manage.

Sincerely yours – BorislavaEvgenieva



I am immensely grateful to the entire team of clinic “Vitamed plus” and especially to Dr. Vasilkovska - for her professionalism, extensive knowledge and incredible positivity!
Nothing is more important than health, and thanks to you it is a fact. Combining modern methods of treatment with state-of-the-art facilities and individual approach to patients you have discovered the formula to successful treatment.
I wish you good health, success and millions more reasons to be proud of what you have achieved, because it is so much! People like you restore the confidence to Bulgarian doctors!

Thank you!



Dr. Vasilkovska,

Thank you for everything you did and will keep doing for Alexander.

Thank you for giving us our hope and faith back.

Thank you for the miracle "Vitamed Plus".

Thank you for being around.

Thank you and your team,

Accept my sincere wishes for health and success in your calling to save lives.

Be healthy, blessed, smiling and happy!  

Sincerely yours,

Greta Georgieva