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Clean your blood from fat and waste formations by laser with low power and low energy photons, release your erythrocytes from toxins. Reduce your blood viscosity and thus the risk of cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases - heart attacks and strokes!

Laser detoxification is a harmless, modern and easily feasible method for prevention and aid in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases, as well as a method for fighting excess cholesterol, triglycerides, free radicals and toxins in the body as the cause of many other diseases and overweight.

Application of laser detoxificator:

Laser detoxificator is directed to the following applications: .

  • It reduces blood viscosity by decomposing "complexes" of erythrocytes, fat and toxins;
  • Reduces the levels of lipids in the blood;
  • Decomposes toxins in the blood;
  • Increases saturation of tissues with oxygen, increasing their effectiveness as well;
  • Prevents the formation of thrombi and the occurrence of microthrombosis of brain and coronary blood vessels, resulting in stroke and myocardial infarction;
  • Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure;
  • Improves the condition of the brain, improves memory and increases the effectiveness of mental activity during work and learning;
  • Helps with migraine headaches, insomnia, fatigue.
  • Facilitates the removal of excess cholesterol, triglycerides, free radicals and toxins in the body

Mechanism of treatment with the laser detoxificator:

Laser detoxificator uses a low power laser (< 5 mW) and the wavelength of 650 nm (red spectrum). Laser radiation is applied in the area of ​​the nose (nasal) cavity, a vascular area, by means of a specially designed nozzle. Thus low-energy photons are fed in the circulatory system, which attack the fatty and waste formations, thus freeing erythrocytes, encompassed by them. The result is an increase in surface area of ​​the erythrocyte mass for trasferring oxygen to the tissues, increasing the flow of oxygen to the tissues, reduction in blood viscosity, hence the risk of blood vessels blockage and the occurrence of heart attack and stroke. It normalizes blood pressure. The method should be considered as a safe and easy to implement way of prevention and support in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular diseases.

Laser detoxification does not replace your prescribed medicines or cancel your prescribed diet!

The aim of the method is to make the treatment and diet more effective, results from them - faster and lasting longer, and all this to take place in this safe and easy to apply method for individuals with acute inflammatory diseases;

In any case, if there are doubts about the application of the method laser detoxification, medical advice should be sought. This is also required in the cases in which the patient has a chronic haematological, renal or liver disease, malignant neoplasm, as well as disturbed blood coagulation.