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Ion theory

Water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. When the molecule loses one hydrogen atom, it becomes a negatively charged OH group. Because of unhealthy diet and stress, large quantities of waste substances, such as milk, urine, carbonic, oil, bile and other acids accumulate in our body. To prevent diseases and preserve our health, with progress of age we have to keep the alkaline media in the body, which is not possible with our high-tech, stress and unnatural way of life.

How do toxins affect human health?

Toxins are unwanted and harmful deposits in the human body. Normally, they are excreted by the kidneys and skin in the form of urine and perspiration. Therefore drinking sufficient amount of water and maintaining personal hygiene are particularly important for the body's natural detoxification. When the kidneys and skin fail to excrete all waste products of the body, they are accumulated in cells and this leads to change of pH of the body, the electrical balance of cells is distorted. The healthy and relaxed cell has a negative electrical potential inside and a positive electrical potential outside. When this changes permanently, cell's ability to work and excrete "waste" of its production are distorted. A vicious circle results - toxins in the cell lead to accumulation of more toxins. Many experts see this as the source of most chronic diseases. The change of pH from "alkaline" to "acid" (respectively pH7 and pH<7) is a sign of the unhealthy condition of the body. It is not a coincidence that most chronic and malignant diseases develop mainly in an "acidic" environment.

Principle of ion detoxification

Based on the scientific discovery of American scientists Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon, which was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2003, a method has been developed, with which water ionization with apparatus is implemented (water molecule splits into a negative OH- ion and a positive H+ ion). According to the scientific discovery the obtained negative electric field can be used to restore the disturbed electrolytic balance of cells. For this purpose legs (feet) of man are used, where about 2,000 pores are located, through which the body performs its natural detoxification through sweating as well. The negative ions, which have penetrated into the human body, restore the normal electric potential of cells and stimulate the release of toxins accumulated in the cells, resulting in recovering the ability of cells to function and to "self-clean" normally. Normal functioning of organs is restored, pH value is normalized.

Colours and particles of water

When using the water detoxificator, various colours and particles appear in the water. Reactions between toxic substances, particles and the salt we have added on one hand and metals in the electrode on the other form in the water, as well as with the acid or alkaline media of man, whose body is immersed in the water. The meaning of each colour is shown here


Detoxification of the kidneys, bladder, urethra, prostate gland


Detoxification of the joints


Detoxification of the liver, cleaning from cigarettes and cell debris.


Detoxification of the liver


Detoxification of bile

White foam

Detoxification of the lymphatic system

White particles

Detoxification of yeast

Black particles

Detoxification of heavy metals