Clinic for Holistic Medicine - Gabrovo


Dear readers,

We created Clinic of Holistic Medicine "Vitamed Plus" with a lot of love and with the intention of implementing some of the most advanced and leading scientific developments in practice.

This is where you will find modern equipment, personal attitude, attractive interior and contemporary service during the performance of all kinds of examinations and therapies. We are fully committed to the cause of caring for our clients with the utmost attention, professional responsibility and respect to the patient and his needs. We offer a complete PERSONALIZED approach to human health since we perform:

1. Diagnostics of the human body as a united whole with modern medical equipment using several fundamentally different methods and further integration and analysis of the results from various diagnostic devices, aiming at obtaining information about the overall health condition and giving a maximum reliable diagnosis.

2. Specific tests related to:

- testing the condition of the aura (the biofield of the human body)

- computer nonlinear diagnostics of the body

- electropuncture diagnostics

- bio-resonance diagnostics

- vegetative - resonance test

- quantum analysis of health

3. Compilation of a dietary regime, considered with individual tolerance to various foods;

4.  Non-invasive allergy testing and specifying the kind of allergen;

5. Measurement of parameters of body weight, metabolic age, type of obesity and the required programme for its correction;

6. Medicinal testing and identification of the medicine you need at the specific time.

7. Homeopathy, selected according to your individual criteria

8. Detoxification programmes for cleansing the body as a whole and the separate organs from parasites, precipitation and contamination, including the following procedures:

- Detoxification with a device

- Laser detoxification

- Ultrasound cavitation

- Radiofrequency facelift

- Vacuum lymphatic drainage

- Bioresonance therapy

- Magnetic induction therapy

9. Dietetics and nutrition

10. Neural therapy and kinesiotaping

11. Therapy for restoration of articular cartilage and intervertebral discs.

12. Health education

Our most important goal is to help with our labour, knowledge and experience all of you, who need to go successfully through the treatment process and end it with recovery.

The whole team of Vitamed Plus Clinic wishes you

health and longevity!


„The highest ideal of treating is the fast, mild and lasting recovery of health or the elimination and destruction of the disease in its entirety in the shortest, the most reliable and harmless manner, on the basis of easily comprehended principles. 
                 (Dr. Samuel Hanneman - "Organon of the art of treatment" , §2) 

Holistic medicine is a complete medical system for prevention and treatment, aiming at assisting human organism's natural striving to self-treatment.

The holistic approach in medicine takes a broader view of man, health, the cause of disease, its appearances and the process of treatment. The word "holistic" itself is of Greek origin (holos = "full, comprehensive, integral").

Holistic medicine considers the individual as consisting of three main, interrelated and influencing one another levels - physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual, each of which has its set-up and energy structure.

Health is not a static condition but  a dynamic equilibrium.  To achieve and maintain it not „magic pills, but our constant conscious efforts are required. Health is not measured only by the absence of apparent disease, but also by the way of thinking and content of life we lead. To be effective, the medical process must encompass all dimensions of existence of the patient. As the winner of Nobel Prize, bacteriology scientist Rene Dubos notes„To solve problems, associated with disease, is not the same as making someone healthy and happy. The latter requires wisdom and insight, which are beyond medicines and therapy.

Holistic medicine is not simply a mechanical sum of various therapies. It has philosophy of holistic approach as its basis and incorporates the millennial wisdom and experience, accumulated with respect to the entire personality and therapeutic practice, including anything beneficial from the achievements of modern medicine and technology. Not a single method, however, includes in itself absolutely all aspects of health and disease, therefore good knowledge of the possibilities of various therapies and their conditions of use is necessary for the treatment to be successful.

The time has already come when it is necessary to get used to looking for the importance of health problems to the patient’s life and ask the question: "Why has this disease appeared just now?" Perhaps it is expression of an emotional or spiritual problem and as such it could not be cured with the usual physical impacts of allopathic medicines or surgery. In such cases curing requires purposeful and conscious efforts on the part of the patient and a change in thinking.

This makes it necessary to consider disease as a cry for change in our way of life, means of spiritual development and progress, and not as an external "enemy", which "attacks" us and against whom the physician must "fight", while the patient remains in a passive position, in which there is little room for choice and control of our lives. With the holistic approach the patient cooperates actively during the treatment process. In this case the physician and the patient work as a team, each with their responsibilities, taking into account the opinion of the patient and his introduction to proposed therapies. This is when the patient is considerably less dependent on the physician during the therapy held and an extremely favourable final result is reached simultaneously!